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It’s universal--we all want to escape winter’s chill, 但不幸的是, attempts to fend off workplace cold often result in astronomical heating bills and spaces that are still frigid at floor level. What many may not realize is that without airflow to mix up that heat, it’s essentially just money wasted to make the ceiling nice and toasty.

These energy bill blues and worker woes are due to a phenomenon called stratification. No, we’re not talking about wailing on your favorite six-string. Simply put, stratification means that the air in our spaces settles into layers based on temperature. Cold air is denser, so it sinks down to the floor (boo!), while warmer, lighter air from the heaters rises to the ceiling (come back!),最终从屋顶消失. The higher the ceiling, the worse the problem gets.

There was a full return on investment within 12 months of installation. After investigating all the options to increase my building's efficiency, the fan was the best money-saving investment to get my power consumption down. 迈克·雪莉,双钻石健身房的老板


These negative impacts aren’t just a bunch of hot air; the U.S. DoE’s 商业 Buildings Energy Consumption Survey states that heating accounts for roughly 46% of energy use in warehouses and 36% of energy use in all non-residential buildings, so any solution that reduces a facility manager’s energy costs and consumption without sacrificing employee comfort can feel like the search for El Dorado.

Raising thermostat levels to compensate for cold floors only exacerbates the energy problem. Thermostats are most often placed at occupant level, while heaters are often placed (sadistically) high overhead, causing HVAC systems to overheat the ceiling to anywhere from 85-125°F (29-52°C) just to raise the temperature at thermostat level to 65-75°F (18-24°C).

No one needs a roof you can fry an egg on--what’s needed is an efficient, cost-effective solution that gets heat where it’s needed and keeps it there--a solution offered by installing Big Ass overhead fans.

Quit Overworking your thermostat and start putting heat where you actually need it.

Get Comfortable with Energy Savings Up to 30%!

Use our Savings Calculator to get a customized look at how much moolah you could be saving at your facility.



你读对了. 在冬天用大屁股吊扇, you can create the air movement needed to mix heated air at the ceiling with that pesky cold air at the floor, effectively destratifying these layers and erasing the temperature difference. With uniform temperatures throughout the space, heaters don’t need to run as frequently to maintain thermostat set points, 节能高达30%. That’s sure to put a warm wind in your sails!

Heat destratification can also reduce the time it takes to warm occupant levels to desired temperatures to just 15-20 minutes, even when thermostats are turned down 10-15°F (5.5-8.一夜之间3°C). This sustainable solution can lead to a 15% reduction in usage for HVAC systems, which are a colossal expense to repair and replace.

多亏了他们的变速设置, Big Ass 球迷 can be run at low speeds to push the hot air at the ceiling downward, 为工人提供温暖, more comfortable air without creating a perceptible draft. Because our overhead fans generate their power from their size rather than their speed, they’re able to thoroughly mix the entire volume of air in a space: something that standard ceiling fans are too puny and inefficient to do, 即使是在反向运行时. 这一点, a quick soapbox: reversing your overhead Big Ass Fan in winter kills its efficiency by pushing up against the airfoils’ design rather than pulling warm air down. This increases both energy usage and the rate of heat loss. (把这个归到“千万不要做”下.”)

但是在冬天使用吊扇? 用你的大屁股打赌.


Every Big Ass overhead fan is engineered to destratify a wide variety of spaces. 拥有专利翼型系统, 广泛的覆盖范围, 和变速控制, each Big Ass Fan is designed to save money everywhere from farms to fabricators to fitness centers (and other places that don’t start with F!).


没人比大屁股粉丝更了解毁灭. Let us design a custom solution for your facility, complete with a site audit and free CFD simulation. 打电话给电子mg官方网站, 877-244-3267 或者请求下面的回复.


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Whitepaper: Reducing Thermal Stratification with Quiet Air Movement (PDF)